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Disrupt Minds is a strategy-driven branding agency, specializing in brand strategy, identity, and marketing. Through strategic insights and innovative methodologies, we empower brands to surpass their goals and stand out in competitive markets.

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  • Verizon
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  • lumenalta
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  • DataSet

  • Technology
  • Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Messaging, Brand Story, Visual ID, Design System, Illustration and Animation, Website Design

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  • MindSight

  • Healthcare
  • Concept Development, Naming, Brand Positioning, Brand Narrative & Personality, Brand Messaging, Visual ID & logo, Pitch decks, Copywriting, Web Design, App Design, Thought Leadership, Consulting

Case Study

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies and none have set the table for success like Disrupt Minds. They guided us through a major brand transformation with business intelligence and creativity at every juncture.”

Christi Sodano Head of Marketing & Communications, Lumenalta

“Disrupt Minds has become an integral part of our business. We have a complex ecosystem of products for a variety of audiences, and Disrupt Minds’s ability to comprehend, synthesize, and help us capitalize on our market opportunity was impressive, to say the least. Our brand architecture is refined, clear, and concise. Our refreshed brand is badass. And our messaging and positioning are second to none. Disrupt Minds is family.”

Justine Benjamin Head of Global Marketing, AdsWizz & Simplecast

“Disrupt Minds’s brand strategy had a tremendous impact on our business strategy—they helped us navigate M&A opportunities through a brand lens and reach a place of higher customer relevance.”

Andy Kramer President, Questis

“Disrupt Minds dove headfirst into the complex mechanics of our trade organization – the Clean Energy Buyer’s Association – and surfaced with a sharp strategic platform to help us communicate our present and future value. From sales team alignment to marketing copy development, our new positioning and language strategy has been delivering big wins for us.”

Monica Jaburg Head of Strategic Communications, CEBA


Harnessed the Sound of Luxury. Defined an AdTech Audioverse. Focused in on Clean Energy Impact. Brought Radical Engagement to Tech Dev. Sharpened PR’s Relative Angles. Synthesized Affiliate Marketing Management. Lassoed Live Data. Architected a Behavioral Health Ecosystem. Put the Social in Travel. Modernized Mental Health Testing. Gotten Methodical with Crypto M&A. Prepped Public Transportation for Magnetic Levitation.

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    Brand strategy, design, and leadership success.


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