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WordPress and other CMS maintenance

Many businesses use WordPress and other content management systems, so our website maintenance plans include comprehensive maintenance support. As part of your custom package, our team takes care of security updates and patches for your business.

We recognize the vital role of your site, which is why our website maintenance services include the promised processing times. Our processing times vary by package, such as monthly or hourly, and schedule.

Web Security Includes

Website performance optimization:Website load time optimization plays a very important role in the user experience of the interface. According to the survey, a 1-second delay in page response can reduce conversions by 7%. This is a huge loss in the digital world. Ensuring your site’s performance is fully optimized is essential, and we at Disrupt Minds do that. Get in touch with our web developers today. .

Website troubleshooting:This, as the name suggests, will help ensure your website is seamless. This includes researching and troubleshooting your site. Sometimes it takes a little bit of trial and error, but the end result is a website that runs smoothly. Our experts will review and connect all the dots to ensure they reach the root of the problem on your site and fix it using best practices. Contact our web designers today for a free consultation.

Website security and audit:Security should be the top concern and top priority of any business. Since so many hackers and competitors are waiting for you, your business is surrounded by threats and can cause serious damage. Users also feel much safer if the site is heavily secured because all information is confidential. For your peace of mind and for your users, make sure your website is free of threats. Get in touch with us today.

Technical Support:As part of our website maintenance plans, your business will also have access to our exceptional technical support. Thanks to the experience of our web development team, your company can get help with a variety of challenges, such as setting up email.


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